Doin’ Adobe

12 Dec

After our class last September on making and building with adobe blocks, we have decided to go all the way: adobe. Now that we’ve decided on the building material, the sky is the limit for creative and functional ideas. The constraints are, of course, resources and time. Right now, the latter is the predominant limiting factor.

Getting dirty in adobe class.Until sometime next year, other demands on our time prevent us from plunging feet first into the project. Which is not necessarily bad; it will allow us to plunge in head first with thorough planning and gathering materials. We have a head start with several salvaged windows and doors, kitchen sink, and a few tools. A list of other tools and equipment continue to evolve and Craigslist has become a daily resource check to fill those needs.

We continue to read and learn, experiment and draw, plot and plan. Even gathering buckets of clay or sand from places for special blocks offers an opportunity for creativity. I especially have in mind some wonderful red earth from the Palo Duro and Canyonlands area in north Texas, and Randy’s lovely black arroyo sand. Even the yellow clay from my pond makes lovely adobe.

I am reminded of the crows when they build their nests; hunting and scavenging for materials from lots, streets, woods, and lawns. Shiny, sparkly, lumpy, smooth, bright, dark….whatever strikes their fancy. Or the most common opportunistic canine, the coyote. They eat anything.


While finding a plethora of websites and facebook groups for earthship, strawbale, cob and earthbag construction, far fewer exist for adobe. So I initiated a facebook group for all things adobe. Interested readers are welcome to hop on and join the adoberas by clicking on the link below.
Adobe Doings


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