Update on The Chihuahuan Desert Section

11 Mar
View west from west side of Chisos Mountains

View west from hiking trail up the Chisos Mnts.

After six months of periodic writing, the introduction to the section on the Chihuahuan Desert is completed and published. The next project is a sub-section on the sub-regions of the Chihuahuan Desert. I write when free time allows (which isn’t much).

The photograph above was taken from a hiking trail up the west side of the Chisos Mountains in the Big Bend National Park. We were attempting to find the homestead of the Wilson’s, a family that ranched on the side of the Chisos Mnts in the early to mid 1900’s. Their story is recorded in a book of the daughter’s memoirs. But to fully understand their love of the land, one has to experience the land where they lived. Hence the motivation for our exploration.

After many hours of hiking and retracing our footsteps (including several diversions), we found the site of their former home and even the remnants of rock walls for their vegetable and flower garden (they are well hidden in thorny scrub and agave). That story is for later. However, the views afforded from the side of the Chisos and away from people were rewarding beyond our expectations. Including the moon rising over the Window, a prominent saddle in the mountain ring of the Chisos Basin (see featuered image). This is a very special location within the Chihuahuan Desert.


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