The Desert Ghost: The Chihuahuan Desert

19 Jun
Looking east towards the Chisos Mnts.

Overlooking the northern Chihuahuan Desert in SW Texas.

It seems that in all things ‘desert’ in this country, the Chihuahuan desert of Texas and New Mexico (especially the former) is the most ignored. That can begood in many respects (aka ‘under the radar’), but we also seem to be the last to know about issues affecting our desert region, and us. Such as this.

The Sonora and Mojave deserts are well represented and non-governmental organizations have successfully lobbied against negative impacts by political and industrial special interests. On the other hand, we, of the Chihuahuan Desert, have little to no representation. Few policy makers and most people of this country know anything more than ‘Chihuahua’ is associated with a small dog. If we are to avoid our desert being a dumping ground or abused by policy makers, we should be more aware of current issues. And we have a right to know, protect and fight for what we call ‘Home’.


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