The Green Lizard Cafe

9 Aug

Stories are the magic of life. They translate everything we see, feel, touch and hear into meanings that are often open to several interpretations. But that is what reality is; interpretations of what we experience, despite how real or unreal they may seem. Storytelling, and stories, are the conversion of life into meaningful experiences. They provide a connection between ideas, thoughts, meanings, and all the stuff of life; life of ourselves and others that surround us. Even rocks tell stories.

Early in 2011, I uploaded several stories written about living in the desert of Big Bend, Texas. Not just humans, but all the other life forms with which we share the desert. And that is what it should be; shared. As Firesign Theater touted decades ago, “We’re all Bozos on this bus!” We are. So let’s share it with each other, and have a good time doing so.

Welcome to The Green Lizard Cafe. Links on the main page access Episodes 1-6. I’m sure that when I move Home, more episodes will follow.

Green Lizard

Photograph by Elizabeth (Betsy) Langley


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