eep, eep!

26 Jan
Happy Retired Chimps

Happy Retired Chimps

Following the foot and hand steps of my ancestral primates, I have voluntarily retired from academia and moved to my Sanctuary. Luckily, my Sanctuary meets the proposed NIH standards: “requirements that they live in groups of at least seven, have a minimum of 1,000 square feet per chimp, room to climb, access to the outdoors in all weather and opportunities to forage for food.” You can find me, and other local primates, grinning and laughing just like the chimps in the photograph. On the other hand, the retired chimps from the NIH labs will be hard-pressed to find their own Sanctuary. I say let them loose outside. They could teach all of us a thing or two, especially humans that live in city jungles.

As for me, my career amongst the other cloistered research primates is decidedly over. However, I do look forward to occasional forays with a few research primates and other species outdoors as we teach and learn from each other. Hopefully we can extend that knowledge to the other primates that live in their city jungles. We might even learn how to all get along with each other.

eep, eeeep!!!


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