Water Wars

19 Aug

We really have to face up to that long-term history and the ecological reality of living in and building a civilization in a desert region. There is no way to sustain any city in the long run if its water footprint exceeds the natural supply, however many straws we stick into the aquifers. -ecologist Madhusudan Katti

With continuing urban expansion into desert environs, the battle for our most precious resource will escalate. Unfortunately, our typical world view of blaming everything but ourselves, and demanding solutions while ignoring the causal relationships, follows the path of ‘give us more!’. Denying the reality of desert environments and expecting to proceed along ‘business as usual’ will soon face a rather rude awakening. Rightly so.

Ecologist Katti published an excellent commentary addressing this topic on his blog, Reconciliation Ecology. I highly recommend reading it.

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