To Javelinas, With Irritation

20 Jan

When javelinas are outside traumatizing your travel trailer, and stinking with their musky nose-curling odor, use a flashlight to light your face, make yourself big, wave your arms, growl and bark like a big wild canine. Throw in a cougar growl or two, and flail about lighting yourself up like a mad animal gone rabid.
That usually sends them running.

Baby javelina: “Mom, what was that loud ‘thing’?”
Mom javelina: “It’s okay, dear. Just some insane human trying to be like us. Just waddle along, humor it and it will go back inside.”


One Response to “To Javelinas, With Irritation”

  1. Debbie Dickie January 23, 2014 at 6:47 am #

    LOL! can’t wait to try that!

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