Ode to Plate Tectonics

26 Feb

I wish I were on Pangaea
Where every place was whole
We could swim in Panthalassa
With the fish that move on a bowl.

All the land was united
And no borders kept us intact
Living things were forming
And nothing subscribed to pacts.

But, like universal love and life
Breaking up is hard to do.
Land masses were moving
And super-continents became anew.

There was Nuna and Rodinia
Gonwana and Pannotia.
Then Laurentia and Avalonia
Finally ending with Laurussia.

Land masses colliding like pool balls
On a table of global plates
Wandering on polar paths
Like lost loves missing their mates.

There was rifting and breaking up
Separating into little sections
Plates drifted apart
And oceans spread in all directions.

The continents swam around then
And life began its emergence
But we lost our connection
And now are ruled by convergence.

Oh, I wish I were on Pangagea
Where life was peaceful then
When amoebas and the tigers
All lived together in one den.



One Response to “Ode to Plate Tectonics”


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