Taking my lens for a hike

6 Apr

I braved the horrific wind this afternoon and took the 55-210mm telephoto lens for a walk. We haven’t really come to know each other over the last year or so. So I took off the overused 18-55mm and put on the big gun. We hiked up the saddle between the two mountains to a spot on a shoulder of my best friend mountain. The wind challenged us to hold still; flaunting, bullying and slapping us around. I ended up sitting on the ground with my elbows resting on a rock to shoot.

My first realization was the range of view: smaller than what I am used to.  Out here in Big Bend where the skies and horizon are larger and wider than a million football fields end to end, I actually had to think about subject and composition. Then try to hold still.

The sky and clouds were dramatic, the shadows slithered across the landscape like invisible dark waves. The scene changed every minute. And the wind slapped my lens and camera about. On the way back, my curses were lost in a silent roar as the wind shoved its nasty fingers up into my nose and then exited out my mouth. That’s how windy it was up there.

But it was all good. I’d do it again.

Corozones, Solitario and Witch’s Tit Mountains.

Dramatic clouds over Christmas Mountains.

Coasting on a thermal wind stream next to the mountain.

Sun shining on the Chisos Mnts in Big Bend National Park.


Below is my attempt at faux infra-red. The color rendition just didn’t do anything for me, but the entire scene is just eerie, as if this is No Man’s Land and to go there would be like entering another world. Demons and dragons. The post-processing imparts to the image the eeriness that I ‘see’ in the real landscape.

Magic land at the base of Christmas Mnts.


Here comes the sun.

Sun in a blue hole. No post-processing on this image!


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