Bird Log for Big Bend

The following list submitted by Randy Carnes (Cedar Springs area, north of Big Bend National Park, TX):

ash throated flycatcher
black phoebe
cactus wren
yellow rumped warbler
pyrrhuloxia (fiero)
western tanager
mocking bird
curved bill thrasher
white crowned sparrow
black throated sparrow
lark bunting
varied bunting
painted bunting
blue grosbeak
bullock’s oriole
scott’s oriole
brown headed cowbird
brewer’s blackbird
ladderback woodpecker
whitewing dove
morning dove
scaled (blue) quail
gambels quail
house finch
turkey vulture
redtail hawk
swainson’s hawk
chipping sparrow
black-chinned hummingbird
says phoebe
cordillera flycatcher
canyon towhee
night hawk
Vermillion Flycatcher
Pine Siskin
Yellow Breasted Chat,
Western Wood Peewee,
Elf Owl,
Hermit Thrush
Scissortailed Flycatcher.

Additional species:

Black-throated Blackbirds
Tanagers (Western, Summer, Scarlet, Hepatic)

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