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What is the story?

19 May

This book should be required reading for all scientists, new and old. No exceptions.

Houston we have a narrative.jpeg


Voices other than our own

4 Jan

“When we no longer hear the voices of warbler and wren, our own speaking can no longer be nourished by their cadences. As the splashing speech of the rivers is silenced by more and more dams, as we drive more and more of the land’s wild voices into the oblivion of extinction, our own languages become increasingly impoverished and weightless, progressively emptied of their earthly resonance.”
– David Abram

I hope we never lose the voices of sandhill cranes.


Sandhill cranes under full moon, Bosque del Apache NWR, NM



May this year bring Peace to all life

1 Jan


A Path with Heart

17 Jul

On mountains I lose myself and become one and nothing with everything, and I see things clearly.

To know happiness, one must know pain. To know joy, one must know sadness. To welcome the day, one must know the night. To rejoice in life, one must know death.

The yin and yang is present in all life, in all non-life. It is the Way of everything. Where there is a positive, there is a negative. We cannot always choose one or the other, sometimes it chooses us. To know both helps us to choose a path. But we should not choose to deny that which we don’t want to choose. Otherwise we may fall into that path unknowingly. It is how that path chooses us.

Denial is choosing blindness, and then blindly we may tumble onto the wrong path. We live on a dynamic journey that with each step we learn and navigate by following what we think is right. That journey may twist and turn with several obstacles in the way, some with demons. But to face the demons, and conquer them, yet still acknowledging that they exist, makes us stronger and informs our choices in the Path with Heart.

Enjoy your day and follow a path that has heart.

Steens Mountain, SE Oregon

Night Angels

12 Jun

I am surrounded by hundreds of fireflies.
They are the stars and angels.
I am in the heavens of the universe.

Another year on The Road

1 Jan

This was the reason I took early retirement and is my pledge for the rest of my life. To contribute to this goal. And shed the chains that prevented me from this mission.

Happy Third New Year on this road.


Wolf and Raven under the Moon

16 Sep

Wolf asked Raven, “What is it like to fly?”Raven said, “Well, it is what I do every day; how I move around, obtain my food, find my mate, and find shelter.”

Raven then asked Wolf, “What is it like to run on the ground?”Wolf said, “Well, that is what I do every day. I run to move around, obtain my food, find my mate, and find shelter.”

Raven and Wolf looked at each other in silence. 
“You look very different from me,” Wolf said. Raven nodded his head up and down. “And you from me,” Raven said.

Wolf looked up at Raven and said, “But we are very much alike. I think we are Brothers and Sisters.”
Raven looked up at the big moon and said, “Yes, Wolf, we are. Let us celebrate that and tell Big Brother Moon!”

In the distance, I heard a wolf howl and a raven caw. I smiled with a deep togetherness under a big bright moon.

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