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Coyote Woman

21 Jan

We, the Coyote Women, stand together today.
Viva la donna selvaggia!

Coyote Woman
by Carolyn Dunn

From the deep hills
and dark wet
a bay moon of time
and after-rain, she moves glistening
past wild alata
jimson smoke, cedar
and sage.
He has called her
one last time
and it is in her blood
to answer.
he calls,
will you ever
heed me?

baring her eyeteeth,
she moves the rough
the burning sky
cloaking the black earth
with fur.
Tell me a story,
she whispers,
a sound only
he can hear,
a sound about the crying
of last night’s


Coyote Woman Waits, artist Susan B. Boulet

A story,
he says,
about a dog of a woman
who won’t answer
the call
of the one who
tamed her first
by voice,
then by touch,
then by song.

A story,
she whispers,
of land
and longing
and winds
that terraced over mountains,
across plains,
bringing madness
from the land
of our birth.
These are our worlds,
yet from within
the story of my heart,
the part of me
you could not take

I’m dying,
he said
and there will be nothing
left but willows,
palm bark,
and voices
in the trees.
What will you sing
when my bones
in the ground
turn to dust?

A cry to the moon,
she answered,
the wind
a breath from
a fire’s touch
upon your skin.
I’ll sing a song
of death,
a toll for you
who trapped my voice
with your pale touch.
My voice is my own
and no wax,
no sealing string,
no empty hole
can keep it from moving
on the wind
across simmering
black canyons, pine, and

And my voice
will never leave
this land,
lighting fires
and fountains,
from here
to your

From The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales, ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

Heading to the moon

16 Sep

This morning
Songs of geese
heading to the moon.


Night Angels

12 Jun

I am surrounded by hundreds of fireflies.
They are the stars and angels.
I am in the heavens of the universe.


23 May

As a Song Dog wails and yips outside
I answered.

WB quote

In between…… imagine.

24 Apr

The world is not black and white.
like reading the silence
like the spaces
in between the parts
we can imagine any colors
in between
the dark
the light.

Where land and water meet and the desert kisses the sky.

In the eyes of the beholder

18 Mar

In between sky and land
is a palette
upon which no human
can paint
any better
than what we see.

It reaches deep
and through
to possess us entirely
and humbling.

Take me up
into the clouds
and let me float
and fly.


12 Apr

So calm, quiet
Doves calling
Quail chumping
Owls announce dusk
Cactus flowers folding in
Divine scent of acacia
Heavy clouds blanket us
Like suspended foam
And canyon wren calls
Trickle down the mountain side.

So peaceful.
Let me stay here
In this moment.
A large sign, ‘Do Not Disturb’
As tall as this mountain
Enclosing me

Moon to dusk

10 Feb

Bella Luna,
You are a song,
a tether,
day and night.

Bella luna and Ball Mountain peak.

Later, in B&W

when the sun
goes to bed
below the
Goodnight, Sun.

Sun fading behind the Christmas Mnts where I live.

All the mountains, a stage

29 Jan

and desert
through curtains of
ethereal heat and
And an audience
of ocotillo
their approval.

Christmas and Corzones Mountains

Christmas and Corazones Mountains


Enter the Desert Stars

6 Jan

Orion and other jewels of the night beside me.

A night like black silk
dressed in glittering jewels
draped over the mountain
and bestowed a sense
of wonder and peace
here in my desert.

Oh, Orion.
My friend from childhood
you have followed me
through all the places
and spaces of my being.

My warrior
my friend.
How you have
comforted me.

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