Adobe walls with vigas, and arch beyond

Adobe has always captured me since a kid (as did most anything Southwest). Although, growing up in New England I had no real conception of what adobe was back then. But, like any young person,  I had seen photographs and had an imagination with no bounds. After building a cedar cabin in the Maine woods and helping build the ranch in Oregon, I vowed never to build anything again. But that did an about face.

Disillusioned with contemporary and conventional home building in the Southwest -the wasteful, gigantic pointy-roofed mini McMansions that are so out of place here- we both preferred a more natural and alternative approach to building a humble structure to call home. After research on the various types of construction, from strawbale to Earthship-style tires, we plopped down in the comforting lap of earthen adobe block. I registered the both of us for an intensive tw0-day workshop on making adobe blocks. Last September we hauled the dog and the Metal Tent to New Mexico for a week and learn adobe. That is what cemented the idea and our choice.

Now we have started on the Adobe Path. It’s a learning proccess, and a journey. But that is part of the fun.

Our adventures in adobe will be mostly posted in the blog section of this site, but links will be provided here. Other tidbits will be posted on this page. A plethora of websites exist providing information on adobe and other earth-based construction. Unfortunately, a central hub is lacking to link them together. Considering the popular social interface of Facebook, there is an active FB group devoted to adobe: Adobe Doings. Readers are welcome to visit and join.

Sub-pages or posts

Posts on adobe structures throughout the US and elsewhere, and the people that inhabit (or have inhabited) them

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