The Green Lizard Cafe

Welcome to The Green Lizard Cafe

In the Chihuahua desert along the Rio Bravo del Norte is a small community of people, animals, sand, cactus, canyons and mountains. They all live together interacting in ways outsiders rarely experience. Visitors usually don’t take the time to listen or see how they live, what they say, and what they do. But those that live there know who they are. They live on the fringe, sometimes way out on the edge, and most often enjoying every minute of it.

Now you can catch a glimpse of what goes on there by visiting with us at The Green Lizard Cafe. Follow the links below. Meet the locals, hear their stories, and experience what they do. Through their eyes and ears.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.

The Staff at The Green Lizard Cafe

The Chisos Mountains rise over Hwy 170 near Terlingua


  1. Morning Cafe Chat
  2. Mysterious Flavors
  3. Little Dinosaur
  4. Herds and Dust Demons
  5. The Old Ones Return
  6. Creation Turtle

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